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An Open Letter to the City of Victoria Regarding the Future of Crystal Pool
I have recently become aware that you will soon be making a decision regarding the future of Crystal Pool. Before you make that decision I would like to share my thoughts on this matter with the hope that you will take them into consideration. Read more.

70km swim for MS
- part 1 – how to blow your shoulder before a big swim
- part 2 – mental gymnastics
- part 3 – a beautiful start
- part 4 – into the night
- part 5 – pushing through the last 25km

MS Philosophy: there is no such thing as a failed attempt
Every day when I wake up I think about how lucky I am that I was raised to try new things. In many was this is what makes it possible for me to live a productive life with multiple sclerosis.

MS Addiction: got dope?
There are over seventy-five drugs many of us have been prescribed for our Multiple Sclerosis. My drug of choice – dopamine – and I regularly self-medicate.

Multiple Sclerosis in the Raw – a natural state of being I find myself thinking a lot these days. Thinking about Multiple Sclerosis and if I am doing the right things to manage my disease. Not just manage it to the point of being “ok,” – I want to be more than that.

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  1. I have nominated you for a Peace and Harmony Award. I enjoy your blog so much and hope you will accept this award.


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