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The Koeye River

This will be my fourth year swimming in the Great Bear Rainforest. Year 1 I swim from Ocean Falls to Bella Bella – a 50km swim over 2 days. Year 2 I spent some time in Lama Pass working my way from Bella Bella toward Fisher Channel. On day one of the swim I encountered some crazy currents and on day 2 a whale swam directly beneath me. Last year I started making my way down Fisher Channel to Namu I will be returning this year to complete my journey to Namu and swim further down the coast to the Koeye. I hope to complete 30-40 kilometres over 2 days. You can learn more here.

Salish Sea 3

At the end of July 2017 I completed a swim across Juan de Fuca Strait – from Port Angeles USA to Victoria Canada. The swim was approximately 33 kilometres and the water temperature between 11 and 13C (51 to 55F). I am the 7th person to swim the strait without the assistance of a wetsuit. Last year I attempted the first ever double crossing of Juan de Fuca Strait. The water was between 9 and 11C. I managed 7.5 hours and then removed myself from the water when I became hypothermic. This year I will be returning to Juan de Fuca swimming from Victoria to Port Angeles. I will also attempt to the swim Haro and Georgia Straits. You can learn more here.






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  1. I have nominated you for a Peace and Harmony Award. I enjoy your blog so much and hope you will accept this award.

  2. Hey Susan!

    Thinking of you up there at the lake! And for the next 4 days I’ll think of you two when I wake up, eat, go to bed, etc. and I’ll be amazed that you are still swimming!! Can’t wait to watch you on the tracker as you finish the swim Sunday night. Good luck!!!

    And when you’re back and rested, I’d like to get one of the MS swim tanks from 2 years ago (blue colour) for my Dad. Not sure if I need large or X-large, so maybe you can bring both by the pool sometime in August.

    OK, get in that water!!!

  3. Support the people with MS that do not have the ability to stand up to MS Canada and save the MS Centre in Victoria…….to sell the centre without a thought of the community that will be displaced….a community of support and services to live with ms….

  4. Please sign me up to get your blog. I have MS and am inspired by your story.


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