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70km for MS: part 1 – how to blow your shoulder before a big swim

My training was going along swimmingly until August 5, less than 3 weeks before the swim, when I made a horrible rookie mistake.

MS Philosophy: there is no such thing as a failed attempt

Every day when I wake up I think about how lucky I am that I was raised to try new things. In many was this is what makes it possible for me to live a productive life with multiple sclerosis.

Part 2 of How to train for a 70 kilometer swim when you have MS – Distance Tolerance

With my handy-dandy Pyramid of Open Water Success in place and three months of base training behind me I am ready to move into the distance part of my program. This is where the hair gets seriously damaged and my body’s ability to manage stress is truly tested.

How to train for a 70 kilometer swim when you have Multiple Sclerosis

I’m not really sure how to train for a 70k swim, let alone how to train for it with Multiple Sclerosis, but then again I didn’t know how to train for a 10 or 34k swim either. Somehow I just got moving and did it.

MS Possibility: Because I Can

If you have ever not been able to do something, or threatened by that possibility, because your body doesn’t work – it can make you want to do it all that much more. This is my life with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a life of possibilities. It is one where I believe the possibility that I can’t is as great as the possibility that I can. Therefore, I chose to try.

MS Marathon: MS Village – Part 2: The Swim

You know you are in for a long swim when you pass a herd of elk on the way to the start line.

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