Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has lived within my body for close to twenty years. Although I have spent a great deal of time researching my disease, I know little more than when I was first diagnosed … and I am not alone. We still don’t know the cause or cure, what triggers attacks, why some of us have them and why others are spared.

One thing I have learned over the past year however is that there are a growing number of people defying the odds and perhaps the disease. They are athletes with Multiple Sclerosis.

This year, my act of defiance will be a 34 kilometer iron swim.

As I prepare for the swim I have become increasingly curious about is how my body will respond to the 10 to 12 hours it will take me to complete it. I am even more curious about how it will respond to the training leading up to it.

Over the next 23 weeks I will swim 933 kilometers (579 miles) to prepare. The test – will I be able to prepare my body in such a way that my MS can manage the strain?

Here’s a few links to other MS athletes (in no particular order):

If you know of other athletes with MS please contact me so I can include their stories in the list above.

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