Welcome to MSathlete! home of Multiple Sclerosis Endurance Athlete Susan Simmons.

20451658_10159311427435294_9069147142821082727_oRead about this year’s challenges:

  1. The Queen Lili’uokalani Canoe Race along the coast of Hawaii’s Big Island from Kailua Bay to Honaunau.
  2. A swim 35km from Port Angeles to Victoria across Juan de Fuca Strait in 10C water. You can follow my journey including my training on WithMS4MS.com.
  3. The The Great Bear Swim part II – Journey to Namu: 50 kilometer swim from Bella Bella to Namu

Here’s a few posts from past events:

night270km swim for MS
- part 1 – how to blow your shoulder before a big swim
- part 2 – mental gymnastics
- part 3 – a beautiful start
- part 4 – into the night
- part 5 – pushing through the last 25km

MS Philosophy: there is no such thing as a failed attempt
Every day when I wake up I think about how lucky I am that I was raised to try new things. In many was this is what makes it possible for me to live a productive life with multiple sclerosis.

MS Addiction: got dope?
There are over seventy-five drugs many of us have been prescribed for our Multiple Sclerosis. My drug of choice – dopamine – and I regularly self-medicate.

Multiple Sclerosis in the Raw – a natural state of being I find myself thinking a lot these days. Thinking about Multiple Sclerosis and if I am doing the right things to manage my disease. Not just manage it to the point of being “ok,” – I want to be more than that.

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  1. I have nominated you for a Peace and Harmony Award. I enjoy your blog so much and hope you will accept this award.

  2. Hey Susan!

    Thinking of you up there at the lake! And for the next 4 days I’ll think of you two when I wake up, eat, go to bed, etc. and I’ll be amazed that you are still swimming!! Can’t wait to watch you on the tracker as you finish the swim Sunday night. Good luck!!!

    And when you’re back and rested, I’d like to get one of the MS swim tanks from 2 years ago (blue colour) for my Dad. Not sure if I need large or X-large, so maybe you can bring both by the pool sometime in August.

    OK, get in that water!!!

  3. Support the people with MS that do not have the ability to stand up to MS Canada and save the MS Centre in Victoria…….to sell the centre without a thought of the community that will be displaced….a community of support and services to live with ms….

  4. Please sign me up to get your blog. I have MS and am inspired by your story.


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