‘m not an expert on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) nor would I ever claim to be. I have no medical background, very little understanding of science and I am of average IQ. My disease management and healing methods are ones that I have developed through my own research, recommendations from others with the disease and personal experiments. They are methods that most work for me.

My MS attack, relapse, exacerbation or whatever one chooses to call it was both dramatic and frightening. The only way I can describe it is 2 live wires crossing and sending a continuous zap throughout my body.

I had two thoughts throughout the attack; the first was I need to stop this assault on my body and the second, please don’t let there be any long-term damage. I managed to stop the attack with buckets of ice, the long-term damage to my body is still an unknown.

I arrived home 6 weeks ago. I was acutely aware that something was not right and began working to heal my body. I changed my diet to 75% raw having a morning smoothie with blueberries each morning and large bowls of salad rich with nutrients each night. Lunches varied depending on what I had access to. My goal was to pack in as many nutrients as I could. Raw food has worked well for me in the past.

I was exhausted most of the time and was having a hard time sleeping at night. My legs & feet and arms & hands were in constant pain. Not a muscle pain or a joint pain, it was a deep internal stabbing pain, and there was no medication that would relieve it. I decided to get back into the pool to see if it would help – it too had helped in the past.


My initial workouts were quite limited. I moved slowly, and swam very little. No more than 1 kilometer per workout and only every second day. I added walking to my routine whenever I could. There’s something about the possibility of not being able to walk one day that made me want to walk.

I continued eating raw food as often as possible. I added a bit of extra vitamin D and some magnesium (I use MagSmart) to my daily routine. I also added something new; R-Lipoic Acid. As I added more and more nutrients into my body I was able to swim for longer periods of time provided I not push hard and over heat. The pain was still there but not as present or intense.

15976948_10154619219071195_6512361205988234721_nI am now back to my ‘normal’ routine swimming up to 30km per week and spinning and lifting weights. I self-monitor and if I am feeling weak, over-tired, or a lot of pain I rest. If I have to miss a workout, I try to make it up another day.

I have been in the ocean (11C for 15 minutes) once and plan to add more cold water training to my routine over the next few weeks. I am hoping it will help with any inflammation in my body. I have also managed my first 10km pool swim. The first 8kms were fine, the last 2 quite the challenge. When I got out I could tell that I had angered and ended up spending the next day in bed.

22279796_10159632993150294_33049913897077223_nRecently, I visited my Homeopathic Doctor to see what I can do to amp up my recovery. She has provided me with a few remedies including some that will help calm my nervous system as well as some super vitamins. On occasion I feel the remanence of the electric charge that went through my body when I short circuited.

I am cautiously optimistic that I will recover completely.

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